COVID 19 and how it affects you as a bush contractor

To all my valued clients.

We are in tough times once again but we will get through it. When this lock down is over the forest owners and managers are likely going to want you back at work immediately. The Chinese market by then will no doubt be demanding plenty of wood, as will other markets as N Z and other Countries try to stimulate their economies through construction, Infrastructure and other internal spending. When that happens one of the first things they may ask is; “Is all your paper work etc up to date?” I know some of you will have Hauler Certifications expired by then but don’t worry I will be available the day the lockdown is lifted. If you contact me and have a booking, and it’s going to be a few days or so before I can get there, your supervisor or inspector should not have a problem letting you get started knowing you have a booking, and if they need confirmation they can ring me for that.

Now I know that a lot of you will be doing it hard financially, what with trying to keep a crew paid and together, and the inevitable maintenance of machinery that you had to leave in the bush not to mention loss of income from not pulling wood. And the Government compensation won’t cover everything. While I can’t waive my fee, I can offer three months to pay if that will help, so let me know if you need my services.

Stay safe and well.


Dave Bone.             

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